Kilminorth Class

We tackle our maths in a very practical way. We really need to ensure that as well as being able to count each child understands the quantity of each number, I call this “the 2ness of 2!!” We do a lot of cookery, construction, measuring and problem solving to help us achieve this. Good ways to help with this at home would be to get your child to help with simple jobs - counting out the correct number of forks for the dinner table or the correct number of apples at the supermarket.
We tackle phonics every day, first thing in the morning! Phonics is the system that teaches children the letter sounds and how they fit together in order to read and write. We follow a programme from this website This is a free to use website that has a lot of great games and resources, as well as some that can be accessed for a small annual subscription.
In Kilminorth we provide opportunities for the children to explore and investigate,re-inforcing their learning in practical activities that are linked to topics we are covering in the curriculum. You may think we are just playing, but the skills we are acquiring will help us become confident learners as we move through our school.