The school’s approach to mathematics follows the National Curriculum. The school's aim is to aid the children to become aware of the fascination and enjoyment of mathematics. We enable our pupils to gain an understanding of the relevance and importance of maths as a tool in everyday life.  This scheme uses a problem solving, investigative approach which encourages the children to develop a logical and methodical approach where they will learn that there are often several ways of solving a problem. Other materials including I.C.T and games are used to support and extend the scheme.

We want the children to achieve a good standard of numeracy and an understanding of the mathematical concepts and computational skills. The children are given a wide range of experiences, covering number, algebra, measures, shape and space, handling data and practical application, which also forms the framework of the National Curriculum.

We aim to give our children the skills to analyse problems and the knowledge to solve them. They are encouraged to develop enquiring minds so that they can work systematically, independently and co-operatively and become confident mathematicians. 

We subscribe to the Mathletics website and encourage the children to use this resource to practise and develop their mathematical skills.