Physical Education Curriculum

Spring 2016     PE Lessons
Class Two

Fitness Training!

Years 2-4 have started the New Year with a mission to increase their fitness. The first PE lesson of the year involved a fun and active mix of exercises which included the following: speed bounces, training ladders, hula hooping, trampolining, body rollers and much more. Children made the most of the all over body workout and definitely needed a drink afterwards! Great effort from all!


Class Three

Plymouth Argyle

For years 5 and 6 Plymouth Argyle Community Trust has started delivering an educational project called +Sport Move and Learn. This project educates Year 5 pupils about the importance of nutrition, diet, exercise and healthy living. The project runs for 6 weeks and is an excellent opportunity for pupils to learn valuable lifelong information to encourage healthy living and participation in exercise and sport. The first session we found out about our pulse and awareness of space when working in groups. Our coach is called Lewis who is a really good footballer!!

For more details about what we do in our PE curriculum at Trenode please see the Sport Premium document below: