School Council

Our School Council are very active. They are elected by their peers, at the beginning of the academic year in September, and are pro-active in shaping the life of the school.
They meet regulary (usually on a Tuesday) each week with the Headteacher and discuss the topics raised by their peers either through conversations or our Talk Box. Sometimes a Governor is able to attend as well.
They set up their own projects and are also keen to help others through fundraising efforts.
They are also Ambassadors for the school conducting guided tours around the school ,i.e. when we have visitors.
They take their role very seriously and are proud of what they have acheived.
Our School Council for the Academic Year 2017-18 are: Conor (Chair), Emrys (Secretary), Cerys (Treasurer), Libby-Mae, Sophie, Lily, Cherrie, Marco and Sophie.