School Meals

Your child is welcome to bring a nutritious packed lunch or to have a school dinner.  All children eat together either in the Hall or in Class Three.  Lunch time is an important social time. 
Our school dinners are provided by Chartwells and meet the School Food Standards.  They also comply with the standard of the Gold level within the Food For Life Award accreditation scheme.  
The meals are cooked at Hillfort in Liskeard and served by a servery assistant here at Trenode.  Each day children order their lunch from the menu provided.  
A meal costs £2.30.  Please ensure that payment is made at the beginning of the week.  Our preferred method of payment is via the Parent Pay secure website.  However, should you need to pay by cash or cheque this should be made payable to "Trenode School" and taken to the School Office in a labelled envelope.  
Chartwells are currently offering a special deal which is described below:

Buy 4 Get 1 Free!

Chartwells, our catering company, are offering a special deal to children in Key Stage 2.

If a child has 4 meals in any week Monday to Thursday they get the 5th meal on Friday free.

- The offer is per child and is not transferable.

· The free meal must be taken in the same week.  You cannot carry the free meal over into the next week even if the child is sick or absent

· This offer is not available when the school is not open for the full 5 days (e.g. inset day closure or the start or end of a holiday when the school is not open for a full week).

For further details please ask in the School Office.