Sport Premium

We are committed to providing our pupils with the highest quality PE and School Sport Provision possible.  We are members of the Looe Community Academy Sport Partnership and ARENA, which provide our pupils with additional opportunities including inter school competition.
We employ a PE specialist for one day per week to raise standards in PE.  
We encourage our children to participate in sport beyond the school day and regularly hear from them in our weekly Celebration Assembly.   
A detailled breakdown of how we use our Sport Premium money is included in the document below. This document also outlines our aspirations and achievemnts in this important area. 
We are eager to signpost children to other activities.
Please find below a link to the Cornwall Sport Partnership where there are many exciting opportunities for children and families.  
Please be aware that you will need to check the suitability of the activities for your children if you would like them to participate in any activity.